Padiglione Italia ph. Gloria Maria Cappelletti 360 video

A 360 Walk Through The Italian Pavilion

For the Venice Biennial 2017 titled “Viva Arte Viva” the Italian Pavilion, curated by Cecilia Alemani, presents the exhibition “Il Mondo Magico (The Magic World)” with the works of three young Italian artists: Roberto [...]

Interview with Scarlett Rouge in Venice captured in 360

We met artist Scarlett Rouge at Bargenale in Venice, on the occasion of the exclusive screening of “Beyond the Walls of Eden” the film she created along with Saulo Madrid. The event has been hosted by MICROCLIMA at the Serre dei [...]
Anne Imhof Faust Ph. Gloria Maria Cappelletti

Anne Imhof’s kiss captured in 360

Art history is rich in intimate moments that have become eternal and iconic. We know the nineteenth-century kiss painted by Francesco Hayez, the gold and silver liberty one by Gustav Klimt, the carved marble by Auguste Rodin and Robert Doisneau’s [...]