A 360 Walk Through The Italian Pavilion

For the Venice Biennial 2017 titled “Viva Arte Viva” the Italian Pavilion, curated by Cecilia Alemani, presents the exhibition “Il Mondo Magico (The Magic World)” with the works of three young Italian artists: Roberto Cuoghi, Adelita Husni-Bey and Giorgio Andreotta Calò.

The exhibition, with its powerful evocative works, draws inspiration from the book “Il Mondo Magico” published in 1948 by the Neapolitan anthropologist Ernesto de Martino, a great scholar of the ‘magical’, which is characteristic of a popular culture rooted in Italian society, that celebrates a universal set of beliefs, rituals and myths.

Cuoghi, Husni-Bey and Andreotta Calò become the demiurges of a new cosmogony that invites the spectator into a sacred dimension, where magic and imagination become the instruments of a contemporary story-telling and story-reading.

Roberto Cuoghi, enthralled by the medieval ascetic text “Imitatio Christi”, builds an immersive installation in which organic statues, featuring Christ on the cross, are shaped and reproduced daily. These sacred effigies are then stored under a pvc transparent tunnel, a futuristic neo-cathedral in which a slow decomposition phase occurs: molds and bacteria corrode the body of Christ causing color and thickness alterations. According to a ‘new technological materialism’, as defined by Cuoghi, the whole process investigates the phases of creation, deterioration, death and regeneration (or Resurrection).

Ph. Gloria Maria Cappelletti - 360 video grab

Ph. Gloria Maria Cappelletti – 360 video grab

Adelita Husni-Bey’s work focuses on a contemporary dialogue between teens: on a large screen we experience the video of a workshop held in New York in February 2017, where a group of kids, selected through an open call among the didactic departments of several New York museums, discuss issues of race, gender, class and other contemporary issues such as technology and the intensive exploitation of the planet’s natural resources. These topics are translated by Husni-Bey into tarot images that the teens see for the first time.

These card readings trigger a debate and an apotropaic dance to save human beings. A large projection screen emerges from the floor surrounded by illuminated silicone cables.

Padiglione Italia ph. Gloria Maria Cappelletti 360 video

Padiglione Italia ph. Gloria Maria Cappelletti 360 video

Unfortunately, we were unable to shoot Giorgio Andreotta Calò installation because filming was not allowed. But the view was stunning…



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