Anne Imhof’s kiss captured in 360

Art history is rich in intimate moments that have become eternal and iconic. We know the nineteenth-century kiss painted by Francesco Hayez, the gold and silver liberty one by Gustav Klimt, the carved marble by Auguste Rodin and Robert Doisneau’s black and white kiss, stolen from the Parisian crowd in the 1950s.

At the 57th Venice Biennale we attended the most contemporary kiss, already destined for the eternal, which was exchanged by the two performers of the “Faust” by Anne Imhof, winner of the Golden Lion.

The profile of these two contemporary lovers is sculpted in the air by a dense breath amplified by a cell phone app. Here is the most honest kiss of our times, the one that will flow to history just because we’ve filmed it for you. It is difficult to freeze the moment in the frenzy of such a choral performance, but we were there so close to the actors that their breath was confused with ours and that kiss is the only one we now desire, without any gender difference.

Gloria Maria Cappelletti

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Anne Imhof Faust Ph. Gloria Maria Cappelletti

Anne Imhof “Faust”, 2017, Ph. Gloria Maria Cappelletti



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