Thomas De Falco at MAXXI Museum

Fiber sculptor and visual artist Thomas De Falco presented “Roots”, his latest site specific performance curated by Laura Cherubini, at MAXXI Museum in Rome in occasion of the 2016 Acquisition Gala Dinner.

De Falco’s performance and textile installations feature intricate sculptures of silk, cotton and wool, all interwoven with his contemporary wrapping technique, that is inspired to the old art of weaving tapestry, that is stepping out of a frame into an erratic and instinctive journey along a woven yarn between architecture, body and soul.

His celestial and emotional roots have been overall stemming out from the museum’s walls flowing in a free fall and creating a complex structure around the bodies of four women and four men (Gloria Maria Cappelletti, Vittoria Discacciati, Yuki Sunami, Eloisa Reverie Vezzosi, Robert Kirchheller, Olivier Langhendries, Jem Perucchini, Francesco Soleti) placed in the Sala Gian Ferrari and in the main hall of the Museum, with in the background a live music session.

thomas de falco

thomas de falco

thomas de falco

thomas de falco

thomas de falco


thomas de falco maxxi



Photos by Tassili Calatroni


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