anish kapoor black is blacker than yours

Vantablack is the blackest black, the new black of Anish Kapoor.

Since when we are born color aids our understanding and interpretation of everything around us. Carl Jung, the world famous psychiatrist and founder of art therapy, encouraged his patients to use color because he thought this practice would help them express some depths of their psyche. It is in fact believed that the color choices humans make reflect a deeper meaning about their personality.

But what about black? Should we consider it a color, the absence of color or a suspension of vision produced by a deprivation of light?

anish kapoor

We should question Anish Kapoor about his exclusive rights on the blackest of all blacks. Kapoor confirmed last week that he has gained exclusive rights to Vantablack, that is made with a carbon-based pigment, a nano material that absorbs 99.96% of light and makes it the blackest shade of black ever made.

Is Kapoor Black the ultimate contemporary art’s black hole?

Nikhil Reddy investigates the world’s darkest material and explains us the wonders of such discovery.

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