Wim Delvoye at the Louvre

© Wim Delvoye

© Wim Delvoye

For their second modern art exhibition, after Tony Cragg, the Louvre has chosen Belgian artist Wim Delvoye, known for his tattooed pigs and poo poo-making machine, to show his work among the prestigious museum’s collections.

Fifteen works will be on display until September, with one monumental 13-metre high tower under the pyramid staying put until 3rd December, and another piece installed int he Tuileries gardens from June until the FIAC art fair in October.

And if all that intrigues you, how would you like to meet the artist in person? Here are all the details…

Delvoye’s astonishing, twisted, laser-cut sculptures aren’t easy to miss, and will certainly draw puzzled looks from some visitors. You’ll be able to see them all around the Richelieu wing of the Louvre, including Napoleon III’s apartments, as well as other pieces in bronze, porcelain and even a stained glass window.

And on Friday 8th June at 8pm you’ll be able to sit in on a ‘conversation’ between the artist and Adrian Dannatt in the museum’s auditorium. Alternatively, each Friday and Sunday there are free showings of a documentary about his Delvoye’s work.

And to explore the artist’s work further, head to the Galerie Perrotin (here) until 16th June 2012 for a second exhibition.

The Wim Delvoye exhibition is in the Richelieu wing of the Louvre from 31st May – 17th September 2012, under the pyramid until 3rd Decembre (the 13-metre high tower) and in the Tuileries gardens until October.

Official Louvre site: www.louvre.fr

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2 Responses to "Wim Delvoye at the Louvre"

  1. ROFL: Wim, This is hilarious and kudos to u 4 making a statement on the art world and its denizens. U & Charles Saatchi are refreshing. When I come to Belgium next year 2 see my buddies there, the beer is on me. U gotta love the socialist Frenchies 4 celebrating it. occupy the arts: occupy the louvre. I live in Aspen & got banned “under threat of arrest” from 1/3 of the town 4 passing out a union flyer in a company town—wait, it gets better— the Art museum who partners with the “big brother” company banned me 2 for situationist art. google Meet the Art Police. . LOL. So if u come here first…let’s talk & plan some of Slavoj Zizek’s “glorious mischief.”
    lee mulcahy, phd

  2. I like this tattooed pig. It looks like a pig covered with a carpet. It’s very artistic and very creative. I am interested in their other designs and artwork.

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