theFairGoer.com features Art Madrid 2012


After the launch held last October 2011, theFairGoer.com, virtual platform that shows art fairs in real time, will be back on February 16th. The virtual fair is scheduled for Art Madrid ’12 with 50 galleries that ranks among the leaders in the contemporary Spanish and International art markets.

Visitors from around the world are now in a position to access the contents of the fair, just as exposed in the real world, from their home, 24 hours a day during the entire duration of the event itself and for the next four weeks. The 2012 version of the site features major technical improvements, and free admission to the fair. The content will also be available on the pages of Facebook and Twitter updates in real time from theFairgoer correspondants in Madrid. After Art Madrid, the next virtual fair will be Accessible Art Fair in Antwerp, scheduled for March 2012. In the theFairGoer.com archive you can always find open editions of Slick Paris, Chic Paris and Fotofever Paris, held in 2011.

The site allows you to visit the stands and contact galleries as if you were actually walking through the exhibition halls. The design is intuitive, makes browsing easy and enjoyable. In addition, the platform can be used even by those who have already visited the exhibition in person but wish to deepen their visit, visitors can get useful information before, during and after the visit.

Among the various tools and functions, you can save works that have been of interest (favorites), get news about their value and retrieve information about the authors. And there is a calendar of upcoming exhibitions, as well as an archive of all the artists that have exposed on theFairGoer.com.

The site offers a useful service not only to visitors, including many professionals, but also in trade fairs, galleries and artists. The increased visibility, in fact, allows to reach a wider audience, improving the prospects for sales and increasing interest in the fairs participating in the project. The real advantage is that the public is diverted from one fair to another because they all occur in the same virtual place.

The company was recently founded by three Italian architects, who are based in New York. Their passion for art has contributed to the authoring and development of the site.

Well, enjoy the virtual fairs, but Madrid is worth a real visit for sure!


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2 Responses to "theFairGoer.com features Art Madrid 2012"

  1. Greta says:

    Q: Quote a section of this ctephar that made you think and explain why. Art Basel, do you all know we have an Art Basel every year here in Miami? How many of you have gone? How many of you have gone to an Art Fair in general, what was your experience was it “horror, alienation and amusement” as stated by the author? I personally really enjoy them, but get so exhausted! It is not the ideal way to view art, but can give you a glimpse for later follow up on the artists career. Artists tend to view art fairs with a mixture of horror, alienation, and amusement. They feel uneasy when all the hard work of the studio is reduced to supplying the voracious demand, and they wince at the sight of so much art accompanied by so little substantive conversation. It is probably quite obvious why I chose this quote, with our own small art show that just recently went up, and the entire process of establishing a strong idea and being able to explain it quickly and hope that the viewers understand your work. It is all very stressful, and although we are still in the art making process, it is important to remember that if we are trying to get our work and ideas out there, we have to also know how to express ourselves. All the work these artists have put into their work is now out of their studio, and open to the fair. They can not change anything, and they probably feel rather exposed. However, this is an art fair, and not a gallery exhibition. which means that people are mostly considering whether or not they want to add your work to their collections. It is far different than showing your work in a museum or art gallery where people are not immediately wondering the worth and whether or not they could make a profit off of your work.I myself have never been to the Miami art Basel, but I have been to the art show down park. the one here in winter park I feel has more craft oriented work, and it is very exhausting to look at each booth and try to be as unbiased as possible and appreciate the work for what it is. Also, it is a different experience seeing a price tag next to a piece, vs. seeing the title of the work. I do however like that it is interactive and that the artists themselves are there to explain their work to you. It is definitely something I would like to make be a part of, just for the experience of it.

  2. Pastora says:

    There were two that stood out to me, which are related. In the art world, gsiosp is never idle. It is a vital form of market intelligence and A collection is a personal vision. No one can steal your vision . These statements really irk me. The vision of people rushing into the art show to pay millions of dollars for a work of art seems so absurd. It’s almost like the artist is just along for the ride and the collectors create the fame for them. Art is so hyped up and I don’t really understand why. I feel like someone can create basically anything as long as collectors make a big deal about it. It also seems like the collectors are doing more work than the artists are (or at least that’s what the collectors think). The fact that they think a collection of art is a work of art in itself is so absurd. It’s like people are competing to have the best taste in art. The whole idea is so stupid to me.I’ve never been to an art show, but I’ve been to plenty of arts and craft fairs. These works are definitely craft with not a lot of technical proficiency. I think its funny what some people bring to the fairs to sell. I’ve never been proud enough of something to sell it, so to see other people selling things is strange to me. Either that or I just really like what I made so I want to keep it for myself. So I guess my reaction to art shows is horror, but in the sense of how collectors treat them, like its the collectors time to shine. The fact that artists have shows to get their name out does not bother me.

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